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What to Prefer- a One-way or Roundtrip Flight Ticket?

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Which is better, a roundtrip or a one-way flight ticket? This has been a popular debate for several years as both have their set of pros and cons. Let’s look at the comparative study below to make a call. 

Round ticket vs one-way ticket- What do they mean?

As the name suggests, a round ticket means you book a ticket from your location to your destination and back to your own location. Unlike them, a one-way ticket is just a ticket to your destination where you have to book your tickets separately to return from your destination. 


A roundtrip flight ticket is less expensive than a one-way one, which is one of the primary reasons why most prefer the former. You do not have to pay separately for a return ticket on a roundtrip because the charges are already included in your bill. Furthermore, one may also come across several discount deals on flights, especially in online flight bookings. 

Cancellation charges

Suppose you finished your hotel bookings and made all the advance payments, but your trip gets canceled. You need to cancel your flight tickets too. However, you might end up saving a lot of money in the case of roundtrips because they charge only a single-time cancellation fee. However, if you have a one-way flight booking, you might have to cancel both, ending up more money on the cancellation charges. You may also save these charges through Agoda flight bookings, where the cancellation percentage on roundtrips is low. 

Seamless bookings

Roundtrip flight bookings are generally better because they are hassle-free. You need not search for various flights and book your tickets. Instead, you can book your return flights on the same flight itself, making the process less challenging. 


If you are planning for a holiday and are confused about the right portals for your flight bookings, look no further. At Roaming Duck, we offer several deals on flights to find you the best roundtrip or one-way tickets within your budget. We also help you with hotel bookings and complete the required formalities for a seamless trip.

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