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  • Adding an item from Search
    We made it super easy to seamlessly add content to your itinerary! On each search result, you will see 2 buttons: View & book After clicking this button you will be asked if you want to add that item to the itinerary. Add to Itinerary Alternatively, you can add directly to the itinerary without being taken to the booking site. ​​Tips: If your still in planning phase, you can "add to itinerary" now.... and book later (using the link in the item details). Currently, you can not add results from "web search" (coming in future update).
  • Manually add an item
    Want to add your own item? Manually adding an item to your itinerary is quick and easy! Click the "+ Add item" button (Top right corner of Itinerary section) Select what type of item you want to add. Tips: You can also click the "+" button next to the itinerary dates to add an item for a specific date.
  • Add an item you found on Map
    Found something awesome on the map and want to add it to your itinerary? No problems, just do the following: Click "+ add item" button on itinerary section. Click "Click on map" button, then click a point on the map.
  • Filter Itinerary
    You have 2 options of filtering the itinerary list & what you see on the Map. These are found in the top right corner of the itinerary section. 1 Filter by Item type: To only show a specific item type (eg flights, accommodation, ect..), click the filter icon. 2 Filter by Dates: You can also choose what items are shown on the map by specific dates, by checking the boxes next to dates on the itinerary list.
  • Travel Routes/ Duration
    Want to know the travel directions between destinations on the map? Simply do the following: Add a "Transport" item to the itinerary. After the destinations have been inputted, the duration/distance time will be shown. Tip: Add multiple stop overs by click the "+" button. During your trip get GPS directions to your destination (only on mobile devices) by viewing in "list" view and taping "directions" text for an item.
  • Print OR Save PDF of itinerary
    Need to print or download a pdf of your itinerary? No problems, just follow these instructions. Select "List view" at the top of itinerary section Click the print icon.
  • Why is my accommodation/ Flight icon red?
    when you have added multiple accommodation/ flights that occur on the same day, they will be highlighted red on the itinerary. This can help you in 2 ways: Highlight conflicting items that need to be fixed Highlight the options you are still considering to book Tip: Flights will only highlight red if there are other flights with the same airports.
  • Sorting itinerary items for a day
    Want to adjust your itinerary so items for a day are in order? Items are sorted by time for a day. - So all you need to do is input "Times" for items and you can order them as you wish :) **Please note** Check Out for accommodations, will always be shown at the top of the day. This helps users to easily view and manage accommodation for their trip.
  • Notes section
    The Note section helps ensure you don’t forget anything important before & during your trip! Here you can: Add new tasks Mark them complete Delete a task Tips: To access your notes, click the "Notes & Chat" button on the right side of the screen (Next to your profile button)
  • Invite friends
    Share & collaborate your travel plans with friends! Click the invite button in the top Left corner and copy and share the link. Tips: You will get an email notification when friends Join. Your friends will have access to your trip dashboard to View & Edit if they wish. Use the Chat section to collaborate your travel plans and share attachments.
  • Download App
    To add to your mobile, please follow these steps: Visit on your mobile web browser. You will see a pop asking if you want to add to your "home page", Tap "Add to home page". You will now see a RoamingDuck app icon on your mobile device :) **Native Mobile App coming Soon!
  • General Navigation
    RoamingDuck makes it easy to access your travel plans on the go! Use the top tabs to navigate the main sections of your planner The menu gives you access to: Your Profile Trips Inviting friends Help/ Support page Tip: - While search is loading (or even when loaded) you can navigate to other tabs & features while you wait.
  • App not working
    If the app is not working or having issues, for whatever reason Try the following: Swipe downwards on your screen, until you see a refresh icon. * We regularly update RoamingDuck with better features & improvements, which can require the app to be refreshed.
  • Create & Access multiple Trips
    You can create and access your trips by clicking the "My trips" button in the top left corner. Tips: Edit your trip name by clicking the "Pen" icon.
  • Email Notifications
    RoamingDuck sends out email notifications when: new users join your trip new message received in chat. Tips if you are not getting emails, please check your spam folder. If you wish to unsubscribe to emails, please contact
  • Covid Restrictions
    Covid boarder restrictions and requirements are frequently changing. Please check entry requirements for your destination before travelling: Also, please note: All booking done through RoamingDuck’s "search section" are done with third parties. Please check their booking policies before booking.
  • Issues with site
    If you’re experiencing any issues using our platform, for whatever reason Try Refreshing the web page. If that doesn’t work, Try clearing your browser cache/ history. If the problem still persists, please contact us (on our support page) and one of our friendly team members will assist you. We regularly update RoamingDuck with better features & improvements. This can cause issues from time to time, which requires the website to be refreshed.
  • Lost my trip
    If you haven’t signed up and start planning a trip, RoamingDuck will store your itinerary in your browser cache for your convenience. Unfortunately, if you clear your browser cache without signing in, it is likely that your trip will be gone. Please contact us to confirm. Tip: We highly recommend you create a FREE account so your trips are saved. if you are a returning user and you trip is not automatically displayed, please check "My trips".
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